NAS TRUST CORP., An Industrial & General Contracting firm operating in Jubail, Saudi Arabia, is rapidly expanding organization offering a wide range of Industrial Contracting and support.

It specialized in the market for:

  1. Insulation (Hot and Cold) Services
  2. Scaffolding Services
  3. Painting & Coating Services and
  4. Project Support Services( Manpower & Vehicles/Equipment Rentals)

Nas Trust Corp. Established on June 1998, it is a 100% Saudi Owned Company. The emphasis on Saudisation has resulted in Saudi Nationals working in various levels in the Company.  As a result of our continuing pursuit for recognition and devoted customer service during the past 12 years, we have secured the confidence and appreciation of our clients. We have qualified and experienced Engineers, Technicians and Ministerial Staffs’.

Nas Trust Corp. is holding a Vendor Registration and accreditation for ARAMCO (No.10047576) and SABIC (No.505105) as the major clients.  With the help of readily available professional consultants in the respective field, will explore viable solutions to meet such requirements for the ultimate satisfaction of our valued customer. Our aim, we shall continue to prevail as a Trust Worthy Partner to the almost confidence and satisfaction of our client. Satisfaction and trust worthy on us will be spring board of our continuous success.

  • Our Official Address:
  • Nas Trust Corp.
  • P.O Box, 1233, Al-Jubail, KSA
  • Tel.# :  013-362-3900 / 356-0236 / 361-7215
  • Fax #:  013-362-6020
  • Email :
  • Website: